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31 North sells Cape 31 Hull #50

Cape 31 Fleet at Cowes Week 2022 - Shaun Roster

This week the 31 North team have secured the sale of Cape 31 Hull number 50 to Istanbul, Turkey! What a milestone for Cape 31!

From selling our first Cape 31 in 2020 to selling Hull 50 - it's been an epic ride and the team at 31 North are very proud to be a part of it.

We now have 25 yachts racing in the UK and Ireland with 6 more due to arrive over the winter. Having taken on more agents around the world we are starting fleets in Europe, America, Asia and Down Under! We hope to bring these awesome boats to sailing events around the world.

The "Cape 31 Magic" as they call is getting more and more prevalent.

Dave Swete, 31 North partner, Volvo Sailor and World Champion has been instrumental behind the growth of the Cape 31 Class said,

“It’s a fantastic bow-up design boat that punches well above it’s weight upwind. The size and budget of the boat is appealing too. We have a fantastic class structure set up in the UK/Ireland, and we are developing this around the world. Quite simply, the boat is right and it’s a heap of fun.”

A 10% deposit secures you a build slot today - Hull 51# will be rolling out of the factory in March 2023. Get in touch to find out more!

Check out a recent video of the Cape 31's at Cowes Week.

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