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Doyle Sails Continues as International Partner to Cape 31 Class

Updated: May 2

Doyle Sails has reaffirmed its commitment to the Cape31 fleet by extending its support as a Gold Partner for the third consecutive year with the international class association. This partnership highlights the continued growth and popularity of the Cape31 Class, which now boasts fleets in various regions and is poised for further expansion. With a full order book and the anticipation of more local fleets emerging in 2024, the Cape31 Class is set to thrive with the backing of Doyle Sails as a key supporter.

Stella Maris in Cape Town Feb 2024

The ongoing support from Doyle Sails as a Gold Partner underscores their dedication to the success and development of the Cape31 fleet. With the momentum building behind the Cape31 Class, the future looks promising for sailors and enthusiasts alike, as they continue to experience the thrill and camaraderie that this dynamic fleet has to offer.

As the Cape31 Class gains momentum and expands its reach, the support from Doyle Sails as a Gold Partner plays a crucial role in ensuring the continued success of the fleet. With fleets flourishing in various regions and the prospect of new local fleets on the horizon, the Cape31 Class is positioned for further growth and excitement in the sailing community. Through collaboration and dedication, Doyle Sails and the international class association are paving the way for a vibrant and prosperous future for the Cape31 fleet.

Doyle Sails is enhancing its support for both existing customers and the overall sailing fleet by implementing a new strategy this season. Doyle experts will be present at each event, they aim to provide valuable assistance to sailors using Doyle-powered sails. 

Additionally, with the support of the class Doyle Sails are introducing training days before Class Association events to offer coaching on tuning and set-up, ensuring all teams have the opportunity to optimize their performance on the water. This increased support demonstrates Doyle’s commitment to helping sailors achieve their best results and improve their sailing experience.

“The Cape 31 Class are so grateful for the ongoing support from Doyle Sails. It really helps in continuing to develop this awesome class and we couldn’t do it without their support.” Says Tor Tomlinson, Class Manager “We’re really excited about the Med Circuit this year as well as having another great year in the UK. Thanks Doyle Sails for helping to make it all happen.”
Shotgunn 2023 Overall Champions

Doyle Sails customers have had great success in the Britain with Shotgunn claiming the overall Season Championship in 2023 alongside Antix from Ireland claimed the Irish National Championship and Corinthian/1 pro division UK Circuit overall.

Senior designers for Doyle Sails Grand Prix teams Jordi Calafat and Daniel Fong have lead the design team and have their most recent iteration of the One Design sails in production for teams preparing for the 2024 season which kicks off shortly in the Mediterranean. 

The Doyle Sails Structure Luff headsails are standard with this class now, as the revolutionary technology which Doyle pioneered in 2017, and we have seen other sailmakers following suit with variations of this. Doyle Sails continue to be at the forefront of groundbreaking technology and the Cape31 have seen these adaptations from Maxi Yacht’s flow down into their class very quickly due to the Grand Prix style of racing.

Doyle Sails is proud to support the Cape 31 as it celebrates hull 75 being delivered, and with the order books well into the 80’s and 90’s the 2024-2025 build slots are filling up quickly. With the next ten boats are spread throughout the UK, the Mediterranean, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA.

Antix - 2023 Corinthian Champions

ABOUT CAPE 31 // The Cape 31 is an affordable high performance 31 foot race boat. Conceptualised by Lord Irvine Laidlaw, designed by Mark Mills and built by licensed boat builder Cape Performance Sailing. The boats are built in Cape Town where there is a healthy one design fleet. This latest generation sports boat usually sails 7 or 8 up, with an owner driver/amateur driver and a mixed crew of amateurs and professionals. The boat has proven itself as not only a great one design boat, but also as a highly competitive boat under multiple rating systems, with some very impressive results that include two time overall winner of Les Voiles de St Tropez and a 1,2 and 3 at the UK IRC Nationals. Another great feature of the Cape 31 is that she (along with her 2 piece mast) easily fit into a 40ft container…. this comes in handy when you have the beautiful shores of Cape Town or the Caribbean awaiting you, while they also now have a ’tilt trailer’ option, that allows legal towing all around the Globe…. particularly handy for sailing in the Med!!

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