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Seven Cape 31's Stateside for the Southernmost Regatta

With just a few days to go before the 2023 Southernmost Regatta the Cape 31 Class are looking forward to the first US event with a fleet of Cape's on the start line. The Southernmost Regatta offers 5 consecutive days of high-quality racing on the picturesque blue waters of Key West, FL. There are seven Cape 31's in Key West ready for five days of sunshine sailing with a few big names joining the usual suspects.

Cork Week 2022 Champion's Antix were one of the first teams to enter the event. Anthony O'Leary and team have been racing in Key West for years and jumped at the chance to take their new toy over the pond for some winter sun.

Joining them from her first season in UK waters is Key West veteran Sandy Askew on Flying Jenny. Askew said,

"I'm just excited to be back out sailing my boat. I love Key West and I'm really looking forward to the Caribbean events too."

Sandy will be joined by some of her usual team mates as well as Rob Greenhalgh fresh from his Sydney to Hobart win!

On top of this we have three epic teams chartering boats for the event. Richard Thompson's team Black Seal who have been seen in the Melges and Swan one design fleets will be chartering Sailing Inc's Katabatic.

Dan Cherish who has chartered Adrenaline for the event said, "Extreme2 Sailing Team are looking forward to sailing in a Mark Mills designed one design boat. It’ll be interesting to see the difference between the C&C 30 and the Cape 31." Dan will be bringing a few well known names to the party, including Mike Buckley and Taylor Canfield. Joel Ronning's team Catapult are racing on Sailing Inc's Squirt.

US based boats are Francois Kuttel's Privateer New Orleans and Marc McMorris' M2 from San Francisco. The effort for all the boats to come together for this event is epic and we hope everyone enjoys the racing as much as the rum.

M2 racing in San Francisco on her first weekend out

We spoke to Martin Kulhman, from Sailing Inc, the US 31 North Sales Agents and organisers of the Southernmost Regatta.

"There’s so much excitement about the Cape 31 and Key West. Sailing is a passion for a lot of us and the fact that we get to sail really cool boats and really cool locations is what we all dream for."

Racing starts on the 16th of January. Stay tuned on Cape Socials and Southernmost Regatta Socials for the action.

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