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Team Tuesday - David Cummins and team Flurg

Starting off 2024 with #TeamTuesday - kicking off with Flurg 💙3️⃣4️⃣

David Cummins and his team transitioned to the Cape 31 Class in 2022 from their Ker 39, Rumbleflurg. This Corinthian team has been tearing up both the racecourse and the bar for the past two seasons, truly embodying the spirit of the Cape 31 Class!

The Flurg team concluded the season with a 2nd place overall finish in the Corinthian division and 13th place overall out of 29 teams. David assembled an outstanding amateur team, providing opportunities for talented under 25 and female sailors throughout the season.

One of the highlights of the Flurg season was clinching the Cape 31 Class division overall in the Round the Island Race. They also secured the 9th spot overall in IRC and the 17th spot in line honors out of over 300 boats—a monumental achievement for the Flurg team!

Beyond the results, you might also recognize them for being the first in the bar and the last out of it 😉, truly the life and soul of the Cape 31 parties!

A big shoutout to David and the team - we look forward to seeing what you and the team will do in 2024. Best of luck!

Fun fact - their distinctive blue accent color is inspired by Porsche Miami Blue 💙

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