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Excitement Builds as UK Cape 31 Class Race Circuit Kicks Off this Friday

The UK Cape 31 Class Race Circuit is set to kick off tomorrow at the Royal Southern Yacht Club, the beginning of what is looking to be an epic season .

Anticipation is high as the UK fleet prepares to hit the start line once again, bringing together a blend of familiar contenders and fresh talent eager to make their mark on the circuit.

Among the highlights of this season's opener are the three new teams joining the fleet, Duncan McCarthy’s Tonto, accompanied by Lucian Stone and Jonathan Hewat’s Narwhal, and Christian Hamilton’s Khumbu Red - with two of the 2023 Circuit Winning sailors on board Khumbu Red could be a team to watch. These newcomers are poised to add a new dynamic to the already fierce competition of the 31 Race Circuit.

Shotgunn - 2023 Race Circuit Champions

As the reigning season champions, Shotgunn, bask in the sunnier climates of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, and last season's runner-up, Flying Jenny, also takes to the Caribbean waters, the composition of the fleet undergoes a notable shift, opening up new opportunities for emerging teams to make their presence felt on the leaderboard.

Jubilee - 2023 National Champions

All eyes will be on the National Champions, Jubilee, and Round Four winners, La Pericolosa, owned by Tony Dickin and Christian Schwoerer respectively. Their performance promises to captivate spectators and rivals alike as they strive to maintain their dominance in the face of mounting competition.

Round 4 Winners - La Pericolosa

For real-time updates and behind-the-scenes action, stay tuned on the Cape 31 UK Instagram and Facebook pages throughout the weekend. For those eager to dive deeper, entries, regatta information, and live results can be accessed via the official Cape 31 Class website: Cape 31 Class Regatta Portal

Thank you as always to our International Partners Doyle Sails and Quantum Sails, as well as our main UK Parters North Sails and Hamble Yacht Services for helping to make the race circuits an awesome place to be sailing.

The stage is set, the competitors primed – let the games begin as the UK Cape 31 Class Race Circuit launches into action at the Royal Southern Yacht Club.

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