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More C31 Bullets in the Hamble Winter Series

After Week 3 of the Winter Series and two bullets on Sunday, Fanatic is leading the Series overall with Jiraffe in 2nd. Beautiful October conditions with 8-12 knots and sunshine.

On IRC Course, Peter Bateson and Kathy Smalley, quite sensibly decided to use the permanent Solent Race marks rather than clutter up the water with anymore inflatables. South Ryde Middle(4Z) to Port, Hamble Yacht Services (4V) to Port, North Ryde Middle (4Y) to Port and Hamble Yacht Services to Port became the fixed mark version of a windward/leeward course with only the finish line the black mark (8Q) being an inflatable. For the second race, a large Orange inflatable was called into use for the windward mark, to compensate for the 185 degrees wind direction. This was left to Port before a run back to 8Q, then on to QXI International (4N), Hill Head (4M) and a finish at (4J). IRC 4 was given a shorter beat to Contessa 32 Class (47).

In IRC 1, Johnny Cooper's Cape31, Fanatic won both races. Second in Race 1 was Jiraffe, Cape31, Simon Perry, with Jester, Lutra 30, Michael Lewis, in third. Second in Race 2 was Julie Fawcett's J111, Jolene. The First 40, Arthur, Linklaters, enjoyed the increased breeze to take third place.

Johnny Cooper is off to spend his prize voucher at the Bugle in Hamble!

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