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Cape 31 International Class Rule


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Cape 31 International Class Documents

The class rules comprise the official Cape 31 Class Rules document.  The International Class Measurer also maintains a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the class management system, which provides interpretations, explanations, and clarifications of the rules as needed.  The Cape 31 Class operates according to the Class Constitution.  


All of these documents are on the main page of the Class Management System.

Class Rules -
Useful Documents and FAQ
Cape 31 Class

International Committee

Class President
Lance Adams

Builder - Cape Performance Sailing
Designer - Mark Mills
31 North - David Swete

UK - Simon Perry, Sandy Askew
Ireland - David Maguire
France - Marc Pajot
Italy - Giorgio Tortorolo
South Africa - Davey James


Australia - Julian Newton
Hong Kong - Jamie Boag


International Committee
Class Ethos
Cape 31 Fanatic Hull 7

Class Ethos

The Cape 31 Class was created as a strict one-design class where the true test when racing is between sailors and not boats. The fundamental objective of the class rules is to ensure that this concept is maintained, while preserving the Cape 31’s ease of handling, reasonable cost of ownership, safety and suitability as a true all-round racing boat.

The aim of the Cape 31 Class is to run fun, competitive Grand Prix racing in a professional and fair way, with a friendly vibe on and off the water. All crews will be encouraged to mix and join in with regatta social events. 

The Cape 31 is a proven IRC/ORC performer and all boats will adhere to the Class Rules that have been optimised for the various rating systems. We want to build off this success under IRC/ORC with the initial goal of Cape 31's racing in 'new territories' within current established fleets and the long-term goal of Class Racing. This creates a true all-round Class that can easily switch from IRC/ORC Racing to Class Racing. All Hulls, Rigs and Appendages shall not be modified, while there are size limitations on the sails. Sails can be built by any company in any material, as long as they are IHC measured. An 'owner/amateur driver rule' is enforced as well a 3 pro sailor limit.


Cape 31 Class and the Executive Committee will be ensuring that the ethos and rules are abided by, keeping the racing fair and preventing it from becoming an arms race. 

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