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USA Class

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The USA Class is getting started - with eight teams racing around the country in handicap classes and a 23/24 season incoming class racing is kicking off in Key West!


We have a Florida Winter Series up and running with Southernmost Regatta and two Fort Lauderdale Regattas. The Race Circuit will kick off in Newport and End at the Big Boat Series! 

We have new boats being delivered to East and West coast and a team of enthusiastic owners who want to get it going - stay tuned! Get in touch with 31 North if you'd like the timeline on a new boat!


2024 Expression of Interest

4 Katabatic

14 Privateer

19 Flying Jenny 2

41 Squirt Again

37 M2

46 Full Send

59 Black Seal

62 Pacific Yankee

70 Dingbat

72 Cool Breeze



USA Class representative

Drew Freides - Pacific Yankee -


Tor Tomlinson Cheney -

Franny Schulte -

Sales -

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