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2023 Cape 31 Race Circuit Champions - Shotgunn

Last weekend the Cape 31 Class descended upon the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes for the much-anticipated Inaugural Cape 31 European Championship, but the weekend also marked the grand finale of the 31 Race Circuit Season.

The Cape 31 Race Circuit Season featured 30 teams battling fiercely throughout the year, all with their sights set on the prestigious title of the 2023 Cape 31 Race Circuit Champion.

Five different teams won the six rounds, Flying Jenny being the only team to win two. As the season progressed, it became evident that the ultimate winner would be decided in a nail-biting finale, with several teams in contention for the top spot. It all came down to the last race, with only two points separating the top three teams after six rounds and 38 races. Ultimately, it was Michael Wilson's team aboard Shotgunn who emerged victorious after delivering another consistent performance.

Michael Wilson, the champion, credited his success to his dedicated team, with special acknowledgment to Peter Greenhalgh, who not only played a crucial role in putting the campaign together but also worked tirelessly on refining the sails for the victorious season.

First Overall - Shotgunn, Michael Wilson

Second Overall - Flying Jenny, Sandy Askew

Third Overall - Tokoloshe, Mike/David Bartholomew

Top New Owner - Nick Phillips, Chaotic

First Corinthian - Antix, Anthony O'Leard

Second Corinthian - Flurg, David Cummins

Third Corinthian - Motions, Lennard Van Oeveren

The calendar for the 2024 season can be found

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