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Cape 31 Class take to the Mediterranean in 2024

Updated: Jan 24

With more than ten Cape 31s heading for the Mediterranean next summer the Class are excited to announce an action packed series culminating with the November 2024 European Championship in Sanremo. The Notice of Series has been published and plans are well under way!

Cape 31 Yacht Racing

In 2024 the teams have lots to look forward to with a mix of established events and dedicated Cape 31 Events. With teams such as 2023 UK Champions, Shotgunn, and Corinthian runners up, Fast Motions, coming together with teams like Give Me Five, IRC 1 winners of Les Voile De St Tropez 2023, the Tortarolo's Squirt as well as the new Stella Maris and Black Battalion after their South African warm up there is going to be a great line up of teams throughout the year.

The first warm up event will be in Sanremo in February before the series kicks of in Monaco. The fleet will then be moving along the coast to South of France and finishing the season in Northern Italy.

Cape 31 Give Me Five in St Tropez
Give Me Five in St Tropez

German La Pericolosa winning Round 4 in UK
German La Pericolosa winning Round 4 in UK

With a good gap between the final event in the UK Series many Solent based boats will make the trip by trailer or container to Sanremo for the European Championships which in 2023 saw 22 teams compete at the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes.

The Cape 31 Class are really looking forward to have a fleet racing in the Med as well as the UK, US and South Africa in 2024. Big thanks to the Cape 31 Class and 31 North teams in St Tropez and Italy (Marc Pajot and Giorgio/Martino Tortorolo) for their hard work.


Warm up Event - Sanremo - 24th-25th February

Round 1 - Monaco Primo Cup 7th-10th March

Round 2 - Cape 31 Easter St Tropez 30th March -1st April

Round 3 - Porquerolles Regatta 8th-12th May (practice racing on 8th)

Round 4 - Cape 31 Hyeres 24th-26th May

Round 5 - Cape 31 Imperia 14th-16th June

Round 6 - Cape 31 Sanremo 12th-14th July

2024 Cape 31 European Championship Yacht Club Sanremo 7th-10th November.

Recommended events that we will also see the Cape 31 at in 2024 are Les Voile De St Tropez and Giraglia Rolex Cup.

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