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Team Tuesday - Lance Adams and Katabatic 🔴

Lance Adams is one of the founding members of the UK Class, having purchased Hull #4 from South Africa in 2020. Prior to acquiring the Cape, Lance primarily navigated his other boats, such as the Corby 36, Oui! After a conversation with Dave Swete, he decided to give helming a try.

Since then, Lance has shown remarkable progress, winning races in 26-boat fleets and diligently honing his skills. Lance and Dave have collaborated to form a team that is both enjoyable and rewarding. They have provided numerous opportunities for sailors, both professional and amateur, while also fostering the development of skills for many individuals and encouraging more young people to join the class. In 2023, Lance sold Hull #4 to America and purchased a brand-new Cape 31, Hull #49, delivered just in time for the entire 2023 season.

For those of you who don't know Lance, he loves an adventure. Renowned for loading his boat onto a homemade trailer, bundling up Jess and Hunter in the car, and embarking on journeys to events like Cork Week or Dun Laoghaire Regatta in Ireland. In 2022, he took the Cape 31 and his team to the IRC Europeans in Breskens, this time by sea—an impressive feat!

In the 2023 season, Lance and his team capped off the year with an 8th overall finish, including a fourth-place ranking at the National Championships in Lymington. A special shout-out to Dave and Debs, who have been with Lance since the beginning! We eagerly anticipate witnessing the course Team Katabatic will chart this year, both in terms of results and adventures.

Fun fact - Katabatic's stanchions are Candy Apple Red 😍. Hull 49 did have an awesome colour changing paint job but after a bump she has been resprayed - new colour way will be launching this season!!

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