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Team Tuesday - Motions - Lennard van Oeveren

Lennard van Oeveren and Team FastMotions from the Netherlands joined the Cape 31 fleet in 2022 and have been loving every minute since then! They came in with a bang, winning races in the 2022 season straight off the bat in lighter conditions and gaining momentum on windier days.

The Motions team has been sailing together for a while now, which really showed when they joined the fleet - they knew each other well, just needing to learn the new boat. Lennard is rarely seen without a massive smile on his face, and the rest of the crew, to be honest, share the same enthusiasm; they just LOVE sailing and LOVE the Cape 31, especially when it takes off downwind.

In 2023, Lennard's team qualified for the Corinthian/1 Pro division and came third in the season. Results were up and down throughout the season, but with podium finishes in the Europeans and bullets in the Nationals and Round 5 (winning them the top Corinthian team in that event), the Motions team has shown they have what it takes to be at the top.

Catch Team Motions on both the Med circuit in 2024, with potential appearances in the UK too! Lennard and the team are looking forward to some sunshine sailing in the Cape.

Fun fact - Lennard and Team Motions were Swan 45 World Champions in 2021!

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